Back Story: With Friends Like These

Sgt. Flothe wanted to talk to as many of Robert Hansen’s hunting buddies as possible. These were the friends who could, with luck, link their suspect to locations associated with the missing dancers. With Larry Bivins, Flothe hit the jackpot. With friends like these, who needed enemies.

  • Bivins put Hansen at Seward and Moose Pass, two locations on the Kenai Peninsula. Troopers already had an unsolved murder along the Seward Highway, as well as a kidnapping and rape in the same area;
  • Bivins also put Hansen on the Knik River islands and sandbars, near where the bodies of Paula Goulding and Sherry Morrow were found;
  • The Birchwood Airport, meanwhile, put Hansen just southwest of the Knik River, very near Eklutna, where troopers had another unsolved murder (Eklutna Annie).


“On 10-21-83 the affiant [Flothe] interviewed Larry K. Bivins, a past acquaintance of Robert Hansen. Bivins related that he lived next door to Hansen in the early ’70’s and on several occasions he went hunting with Hansen, primarily for sheep out of Seward, Moose Pass, and the Jim Creek area northeast of the Old Knik River Bridge. Bivins further related that on one occasion he and Hansen, using Hansen’s river boat, hunted the Knik River islands and sandbars, in the area of and across from the Eklutna Powerhouse. Bivins pointed the area out to the affiant on a map, which is the same area that the bodies of both Paula Goulding and Sherry Morrow were found.

Bivins further related that Hansen was an avid sportsman and that he owned numerous handguns and rifles. Bivins further stated to the affiant that he and Hansen got into reloading in the early 1970’s and that Hansen owned reloading equipment at that time and liked to reload rifle ammunition. Bivins related that the last time he met with Hansen was for dinner with Hansen at Hansen’s residence, possibly in 1975 and 1976, during which time they drove out to Birchwood Airport in Chugiak and Hansen showed Bivins his airplane.”

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