Arrest of Robert Hansen: Stealing from Himself

For Robert Hansen it was no big deal, apparently, to take his hunting trophies off the walls of his den, hide them somewhere and then call his insurance agent and report them stolen. No big deal to take the settlement money. No big deal to take that money and put it toward a new airplane. If you’re Robert Hansen, it’s no big deal to be stealing from yourself. Heck, how could you even steal it, if it was yours in the first place?

Sure enough, though, when troopers got inside Hansen’s house, there were all the stolen trophies, proud as ever on the walls of his den. At this point, it wasn’t only Cindy Paulson who had seen them. Troopers were sure Hansen’s insurance company would appreciate an update on their current location.

BURGLARY HANSEN RESIDENCE A.P.D. CASE 81-1290 Suspected Insurance Fraud

Item #1, Bear rug
family room between table and wall

Item #93, Sheep head, wall of family room.

Item #94, Wolverine hide, wall of family room.

Item #95, Grizzly hide,
nail on wall in corner of family room.

Item #98, Beaver hide,
mounted on wall of family room.

Item #99, Walrus tusks, wall of family room.

Source: Sequence of Events Leading to Arrest of Robert C. Hansen, 1/31/84, Sgt. Glenn Flothe (“Ruff Copy”)

Dall Sheep head mounted in Hansen’s basement (copyright Leland E. Hale)

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