Backstory: Sherry Morrow Reported Missing

Street life is a fluid through which restless souls wander. Sometimes, for a minute or two, its citizens connect; sometimes they become friends. Sherry Morrow’s backstory is instructive: if it can be said that a friend is someone who misses you when you’re gone, then Sherry Morrow had friends. One of them went to the police and reported her missing. Missing and presumed dead.

Fourth Avenue, Downtown Anchorage

“On November 23, 1981, Dale Yonkoske reported to A.P.D. that his girlfriend, Sherry Morrow, was missing. Yonkoske told Officer Russell that Morrow was 23 years of age, with light brown hair and blue eyes, approximately 5’6” tall, approximately 125 pounds, and that he last saw her at approximately 11:30 pm, on Monday, November 16, 1981, when he dropped her off at the Wild Cherry Bar on East 4th Avenue.

“He stated that she was to meet a girlfriend named Lisa, stay the night with Lisa, and go to a doctor’s appointment the next day. Yonkoske also stated that he had talked to Lisa, who had told him Morrow stayed the night at Lisa’s house, but left the next day and was not seen after that. Yonkoske stated he had checked with Morrow’s doctor, and Morrow did not show up for her appointment on November 17. Yonkoske also told Officer Russell that when he last saw Morrow she was wearing silver wire frame glasses, blue jeans, and a baby blue ski jacket with darker blue trim on the shoulders.

(Courtesy Anchorage Times)

“Affiant {Sgt. Glenn Flothe] has been informed by Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Lyle Haugsven that on September 12, 1982, Haugsven was notified that a human body had been discovered in a shallow grave on the north shore of the Knik River approximately 25 miles north of Anchorage.

“On 9/13/82, Sergeant Haugsven went immediately to the scene and observed the decomposed remains of a female victim in a shallow grave on a gravel sandbar in an area accessible by vehicle, river boat or small aircraft.

“Haugsven observed the body to be fully clothed in blue jeans, baby blue ski jacket with darker blue trim on the shoulders, sweater, panties and bra. He also observed that an Ace elastic bandage was wrapped around the victim’s head and face from forehead to nose secured with metal clips.

(Courtesy Anchorage Times)

“Sergeant Haugsven also observed and seized a single .223 caliber cartridge case from the grave. Haugsven also observed that the victim was not wearing shoes or boots, but that a pair of moon boots were also in the grave. A metal key marked with the number 18 was found near the grave. This key remains unidentified as of October 25, 1983. No identification or purse was found in or near the grave.”

Sample Key (not the actual item)

Source: Affidavit for Search Warrant of Robert Hansen’s Property, Sgt. Glenn Flothe, Alaska State Troopers

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