Backstory: What the Hunters Found

It was perhaps lucky that Sherry Morrow’s body was found by two off-duty cops. They knew exactly what to do. One surmises, however, that any Alaskan, coming across that same, grim reality, would have done the same when they found her remains: report it to the nearest Trooper Detachment.

“Affiant [Sgt. Glenn Flothe] has been further informed by Sergeant Haugsven that he interviewed the persons who found the body, two off-duty police officers with the Anchorage Police Department, Officers Holloway and Daily, who informed him that they had come to the area by riverboat to hunt, and had found the gravesite accidentally on the evening of September 12, 1982, and had at daylight reported their finding to the Palmer State Troopers.

Detail: Hansen’s Map – Knik River Sites (courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

#14 — Sherry Morrow (Knik River)

Knik River Grave (courtesy Anchorage Times)

“Affiant has also been informed by Sergeant Haugsven that the body was positively identified as that of Sherry Morrow by Pathologist Dr. George Lindholm through comparison of the body’s teeth with dental records of Sherry Morrow provided by her former dentist from Washington State.

“Affiant has also been informed by Sergeant Haugsven that he attended the autopsy of Sherry Morrow, conducted by Dr. Lindholm, and that Dr. Lindholm determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound, and that Dr. Lindholm found in the victim’s chest cavity pieces of copper jacketed bullet fragments, which were seized by Sergeant Haugsven.

“Sergeant Haugsven stated he had reinterviewed Dale Yonkoske who stated that he had not seen Morrow since he reported her disappearance to A.P.D. in 1981. He also told Haugsven that Morrow had been working as a waitress and dancer at the Wild Cherry.

“Sergeant Haugsven informed affiant that he had been told by Yonkoske that Morrow always wore a gold necklace with a gold arrowhead pendant that he had given her as a gift. Haugsven told affiant that no such necklace had been found in the gravesite or anywhere near it.”

Source: Affidavit for Search Warrant of Robert Hansen’s Property, Sgt. Glenn Flothe, Alaska State Troopers

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