Arrest of Robert Hansen: Search Warrant Images

The search warrant authorized by Judge Carlson granted the troopers a wide swath of search targets — his house, his place of business, his vehicles, his airplane. Sgt. Flothe was more than anxious to get going, that much was obvious. He didn’t have a second to lose: Robert Hansen was an early riser and Flothe didn’t want to give the man even a fleeting chance to destroy evidence.

“Judge Carlson, one of Alaska’s leading jurists, is a scholarly man who brings gravity, wit and an incisive intelligence to the bench. He read the forty-eight-page affidavit quickly but with great deliberation. And then he was ready to make his pronouncement. “I don’t have any problem granting you this search warrant,” he said soberly.

“He gets to work early, Your Honor,” Flothe said. “And we will probably want to serve it early tomorrow morning.”

“That’s fine,” the judge said.

Sgt. Flothe almost vaulted out of his chair. Both the judge and the assistant DA gave him quizzical looks, but he didn’t care. Because if he was going to start the next morning, it would take some fast motoring.”

Excerpt From: Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale. “Butcher, Baker.”

Search Warrant
Former Site of Hansen’s Bakery — 9th Avenue View (Google Streetview; illustration, Leland E. Hale)

Search Warrant
Hansen’s House and Vehicles, Old Harbor Road (copyright Leland E. Hale)

Search Warrant
Robert Hansen’s Super Cub (Anchorage Times)

Search Warrant
Robert Hansen Police Lineup Photo

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