Arrest of Robert Hansen: Rape Kit Kicks Off A Flurry of Activity

Cindy Paulson’s rape kit was not going to sit on a shelf, gathering dust. Cindy’s rape kit had a rendezvous with destiny. Or, more specifically, a rendezvous with the FBI Lab in Quantico, Virginia.

Meanwhile, there were other threads to pursue. There was evidence that Robert Hansen defrauded State Farm Insurance by claiming his many hunting trophies had been stolen. Troopers knew better: Cindy Paulson had seen them in his den.

The other development was equally portentous: faced with the local DA’s reluctance to assist him, Sgt. Flothe reached out to Pat Doogan in Fairbanks, a prosecuting attorney he’d worked with back in the day. Doogan agreed to help Flothe write the legal documents they’d need to take before a judge, and then get a search warrant for Hansen’s various properties.

Robert Hansen’s time was running out.

Rape Kit
FBI Labs, Quantico, Virginia

9-30-83: Lt. Jent and Sgt. Flothe contact Agent-in-Charge Larry Nelson, request assistance from FBI Quantico.

9-30-83: Sergeant Flothe contacts GLENN LARSEN, State Farm Insurance, reference HANSEN and $13,000 insurance claim.

9-30-83: Pat Doogan, DA — meets with Sgt. Flothe.

Purchase Butcher, Baker

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