KIdnapped: Cindy Paulson, Part V: The Diagrams

This is Installment Five of the September 27, 1983, interview of Cindy Paulson by Sgt. Glenn Flothe, AST. In this installment, Cindy draws diagrams of Robert Hansen’s house. Her eye for detail is appreciable. [Installment Four]

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Cindy Paulson
Cindy Paulson

FLOTHE: We’re back on tape. Time is 8:40 pm. We’re gonna go ahead and turn the tape over at this time, so that we don’t run out when we start again. We’re back on tape, time is 8:42 pm. You’ve drawn some diagrams for me here, Cindy, and there’s one, two, three pages of diagrams. And, I notice that you are smoking now, but were you smoking at that time?


FLOTHE: OK. You weren’t smoking in his house or anything like that?

CINDY: Yes, I did smoke in his house.

FLOTHE: Oh, you did?

CINDY: Yes, when I was laying down I smoked three Kool Filter King cigarettes.

Kool Filter Kings
Kool Filter Kings Advertisement (1975)

FLOTHE: Did he… Did you have those with you?

CINDY: Um hmm.

FLOTHE: OK. What did you do with the cigarette butts?

CINDY: Put ‘em in the ashtray.

FLOTHE: He gave you an ashtray?


FLOTHE: Do you know what he did with those?

CINDY: Nope. When he had unchained me to take me to the airport, he left everything the way it was.

FLOTHE: Hmm. OK. Let’s talk about your diagrams a little bit, then we can talk about what was inside the house.


FLOTHE: On Page 1, which I’ll mark here… Page 1, Page 2, Page 3… Now, that’s the only thing I’ve written on here is the page numbers, right? You’ve written everything else.


FLOTHE: OK. On the first page here you’ve got a diagram of the house, it’s an outside of a house and you’ve got little things sticking up on the roof of this garage… are those those…

CINDY: Them are the horns…

FLOTHE: The horns.

CINDY: And to the right side the windows there’s a door and to the left the garage. And I don’t remember if there’s another window on the other side of the door.

FLOTHE: And that’s where the question mark is.

CINDY: Uh huh. And the house is blue.

FLOTHE: OK. And this little car you drew over here it’s kind of a representation of the car, that’s a kind of a station wagon kind of a thing.


FLOTHE: A hatchback.


Hansen's cars close-up
Hansen’s Truck & Datsun Close-up
(copyright Leland E. Hale)

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