Kidnapped: Cindy Paulson, Part XI: 3 Minutes

In the end, you could call Robert Hansen the “3 minute” man. That’s how long it took him to orgasm. And then he wanted to sleep. His sleep lasted much longer than the sex.

Of course, this wasn’t really about sex. It was about the power to humiliate his victims and some kind of sick pay-back for all the alleged “hurt” he’d experienced as a young man. Ironic, considering that he was the cause of unmitigated hurt wherever he went — starting with his parents in Iowa; extending outward to his wives and children; and finally encompassing tens of young women across Alaska.

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Cindy Paulson
Cindy Paulson

FLOTHE: So then he goes to sleep. Where did he go to sleep?

CINDY: On the pinkish-red couch. The red couch.

3 Minute Couch
The Red Couch (circled; courtesy Alaska State Troopers)

FLOTHE: And that’s at the foot of this carpet you have drawn here?

CINDY: Yeah. By the pool table side.

FLOTHE: OK, put ‘sleeping’ next to this couch so we know, that that’s… (pause while Cindy writes) OK. Did he take all of his clothes off? Or did he leave any of his clothes on, during all this time?

CINDY: When he was sleeping?

FLOTHE: Um hmm.

CINDY: He had his clothes on. Except (inaudible) He had a t-shirt on. He had his pants on. I believe it was a white t-shirt.

FLOTHE: When he had sexual relations with you on the rug, did he have his clothes on?

CINDY: Yep. No, he had his clothes off.

FLOTHE: All of his clothes?


FLOTHE: Is there anything about his body, with no clothes on, that you might remember? A detail or anything unusual that you might remember?

NOTE: Flothe was aware that an early Hansen victim named Robyn Patterson had said Hansen’s penis was “shaped funny, like it was deformed or something. It was short, but very large around.” He was hoping Cindy shared a similar memory of Hansen’s anatomy.

CINDY: The little wart things he had on his face. And there was (inaudible). He probably does, I just don’t remember.

FLOTHE: Did he say anything to you or talk to you when he was having sexual relations with you?

CINDY: Nasty things.

FLOTHE: What kind of nasty things?

3 Minutes of Nasty Things

CINDY: Like he said for me to tell him ‘how much I wanted it‘.

FLOTHE: Did you?


FLOTHE: Did that make him upset?

CINDY: No, ‘cause I was crying.

FLOTHE: You were crying?

CINDY: (crying) I just kept laying there.

FLOTHE: Did he get upset at any time when he was having sexual relations with you?

CINDY: No. Just ‘cause he came too fast.

FLOTHE: Did he say anything about that?

CINDY: It made him mad.

FLOTHE: How did he say that?

CINDY: He said that he don’t do it very often. Just to say how it made him mad when he comes so fast.

FLOTHE: How long did he take?

CINDY: About maybe 3 minutes. Five minutes.

FLOTHE: Did he just have vaginal intercourse?


FLOTHE: Did he have anal intercourse with you?


FLOTHE: OK. Did he put his penis in your mouth at any time?


FLOTHE: Or ask you to?

CINDY: Nope. The only time we did was in the car and there was a rubber on it… a condom… (phone rings)

FLOTHE: My phone is ringing. We’ll take a break at 9:02 pm.

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