Arrest of Robert Hansen: Arrested & Arraigned

It was no cake-walk to get Robert Hansen from “free” to “arrested.” October 27, 1983, was a day of exquisite choreography, one in which the efforts of more than a dozen players advanced in unison. Trooper Bullington and Sergeant Smith went on the clock at 6:30 a.m., to surveil Hansen’s Bakery. The day’s dance didn’t end until 17 hours later, when the search of Hansen’s residence concluded.

Robert Hansen Hides Face From Reporters After His October 1983 Murder Arrest (copyright Anchorage Times)

A critical reason for this “long day” to get Hansen arrested was that the search of Hansen’s residence hadn’t gone as planned. That Flothe and Galyan spent a full six-hours at Hansen’s residence, after a FIVE hour interview of Robert Hansen, said volumes. It all came down to one thing: the murder weapon. Hansen had already — misleadingly — told them it “might be” in his boat. It wasn’t in the damn boat. It had to be somewhere. It was, of course, in the last place troopers looked.

2:00 p.m.: Interview concluded – HANSEN placed under arrest reference PAULSON case. HANSEN calls Attorney Dewey’s office. Dewey not in, request attorney meet him at Jail.

2:50 p.m.: HANSEN transported by Sergeant Galyan and Sergeant Flothe to Dr. PROPST office.

3:03 p.m.: Search warrant executed on HANSEN at Dr. PROPST office. Hair, saliva, blood samples seized. HANSEN photographed.

3:58 p.m.: HANSEN appears before Judge Carlson – HANSEN arraigned.

4:30 p.m.: Lieutenant Jent appears before Judge Carlson to allow him to insert key found in SHERRY MORROW’s grave into HANSEN residence locks.

4:49 p.m.: Sergeant Flothe transports and incarcerates HANSEN at Cook Inlet Pre-Trial Facility.

Cook Inlet Pre-Trial Facility (Anchorage Daily News)

5:10 p.m.: Sergeant Flothe and Sergeant Galyan arrive at HANSEN residence, participate in ongoing search.

5:45 p.m.: Lieutenant Jent returns to residence with key; however, it did not operate any of the locks.

11:40 p.m.: Clear of HANSEN residence, search concluded. Sergeant Haugsven leaves house key and copy of search warrant with DARLA HANSEN.

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