Arrest of Robert Hansen: Going To Ground

It wasn’t like Robert Hansen’s arrest buttoned everything up and the cops could start celebrating with champagne. In fact, troopers still didn’t have Hansen on murder, the most serious of the charges looming on the horizon. The only charges filed against him were the kidnapping and rape of Cindy Paulson. What that meant was a vulnerable seventeen year old was all that kept Robert Hansen in custody. Clearly, other things needed to happen. Lots of other things. Call it “going to ground.” Call it “lots of ground to cover.” Law enforcement now faced a dose of the thankless shoe leather work that’s obligatory in cases like these.

1/17/84: FLOTHE met with APD Investigator GENTILE, with regards to locating previous fall of 1972, HANSEN rape victim M. MURPHY. Contacts were made with Anchorage street prostitutes with regards to locating MURPHY.

1/18/84: Sergeant FLOTHE and Trooper VonCLASEN contacted witness CINDY PAULSON at the Gentlemen’s Retreat Massage Parlor, at which time CINDY PAULSON is served with the subpoena regarding the HANSEN trial.

1/23/84: HANSEN evidence previously submitted to the FBI laboratory is returned to AST. Only item presently still remaining at the FBI laboratory is the .223 calibre Mini-14.

Sergeant FLOTHE receives telephone call from MONA ALTIERY, mother of missing person, ANDREA ALTIERY. MONA ALTIERY advised that she would send the dental records of ANDREA ALTIERY to Sergeant FLOTHE.

Andrea Altiery is still listed as a missing person. She was last seen taking a cab to the Boniface Mall in Anchorage, Alaska at 11:00 p.m. on December 2, 1981, where she was to meet an unidentified male for a photo shoot.

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