Frozen Ground: Movie & Moose

Ear gossip columnist Sheila Toomey, of the Anchorage Daily News, has issued a retraction:

JUST KIDDING, DARLINGS . . . Did Ear really say “The Frozen Ground” movie people rounded up a stray street moose for a scene where the heroine, played by Vanessa Hudgens, has a surprise encounter with our favorite ungulate in a downtown alley? Surely not. Of course, the extremely conscientious production crew jumped through all the required hoops and permit requirements and signed Jack from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to play the part of “Moose.” And did Ear suggest Jack had a diva moment and charged someone? Mais non! Perhaps an accidental encounter with a light pole and the resultant commotion excited him a bit, but he was soon calmed by his oh so professional handlers. OK, we all friends now?

Really, this whole thing had me worried. Moose are not to be trifled with.

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