Arrest of Robert Hansen: Finding Murphy

Whatever the truth of Cindy Paulson, and her readiness to come in from the cold, she wasn’t enough to snap the trap on Robert Hansen. Sgt. Flothe had a felt need to gather more witnesses from the long line of women whom Baker Bob had victimized. In retrospect, “finding Murphy” was an apt metaphor for the process of digging, pleading and turning every lead to find the women who could give witness to Robert Hansen’s savage acts against women.


2/10/84: Sergeant FLOTHE met with Officer GENTILE of the Anchorage Police Department with regards to locating previous HANSEN rape victim, M. MURPHY. Contacts with street prostitutes are made with regards to locating MURPHY.

“Later that same day, Flothe decided to write a letter to Robyn Patterson, asking if she would be willing to come testify against Hansen. Even though she was married now, had gone to college and started a new life, a letter soon came back saying that she, too, was willing to testify against Robert Hansen. It had been more than twelve years. She was thirty, a different person. But, yes, she would do anything she could to put this man in jail. It was where he belonged and, as far as she was concerned, had belonged for some time.”

Excerpt From: Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale. “Butcher, Baker.”

2/11/84: Sergeant FLOTHE receives phone call from street informant that advises M. MURPHY could be contacted at given phone number. M. MURPHY contacted and appointment made for following day at Flippers on Bragaw.

2/14/84: Sergeant FLOTHE and Sergeant HAUGSVEN met with victim, M. MURPHY, at Flippers on Bragaw. MURPHY advises that she is willing to accompany Sergeants FLOTHE and HAUGSVEN to AST for interview. Witness subsequently interviewed at AST Headquarters with regards to HANSEN kidnapping her in the fall of 1972.

Anchorage in the ’70’s (Stephen Cysewski)

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