Arrest of Robert Hansen: Criminal Justice Churns, Part I

Yes, it’s true. The wheel of justice churns slowly. It took two months after the search of Hansen’s house for that wheel to start turning. And when it did, Hansen’s attorney was hit with the bricks that Flothe had assembled. It started with Cindy Paulson. Smart money said the defense would try to impugn Cindy’s reputation with the “hooker” defense. It had worked in the past. Why not now?

And with Bob in jail, sitting in limbo, he had plenty of time to conjure creative ways out of his dilemma. Flothe got word from the jailhouse that Hansen was trying to persuade some friends to pay Cindy to leave town. Those rumors would eventually bloom into more sinister, though never proven, intimations that Hansen was trying to arrange for her murder. Given who Hansen was allegedly depending on for that task — the same men who alibied him in Cindy’s kidnapping — that was a bridge too far.

Either way, Cindy would end up a scared little puppy. Bob’s attorney would stall for time, making her situation worse with each passing day. Sometimes justice churns too slowly.

12/28/83: The offense files defense motion. Defense also advised of witness, CINDY PAULSON’s, phone number.

1/10/84: D.A. FRANK ROTHSCHILD meets with Sergeant FLOTHE at A.S.T. Headquarters during which time ROTHSCHILD reviews case reports to insure that the defense has all copies of pertinent materials.

Frank Rothschild, Anchorage Prosecuting Attorney

1/10/84: Hearing at 1:30 pm before Judge BUCKALEW; D.A. FRANK ROTHSCHILD and Defense Attorney FRED DEWEY regarding defense motion requesting postponement of trial. Judge BUCKALEW advises he would take the matter under advisement.

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