Butcher, Baker; Frozen Ground; Fair Game

This too will pass… but indulge me for a moment while I eat sour grapes…

This should be a happy week. The movie version of the Robert Hansen serial murder case, called Frozen Ground, is enjoying a limited opening in theaters somewhere in America. But in the grand scheme of things, um… There’s not as much happiness as I would have liked…

My book, Butcher, Baker, is an afterthought in all of this. A coulda, woulda, shoulda. My gut sense is still that it shouldn’t have come to this, but life is complex and sometimes co-authors (and literary agents) don’t see eye-to-eye. I am trying to be diplomatic.

To add insult to injury, I just got a mail from Amazon, touting Fair Game, another book about Robert Hansen. Calling it “the Definitive Account of the Crimes of Alaska Serial Killer Robert Hansen.” For the record, I just want to say “bullshit.”

But you be the judge. Read both books. See the movie. Look at the arc of the story. Pay attention to how long it takes Cindy Paulson to appear in each version (and yes, it’s true, the publisher made us give her a pseudonym; think of her as the 17 year old who got away).

And Bernard, no hard feelings. Really. Congratulations. Fair Game, right?

2 thoughts on “Butcher, Baker; Frozen Ground; Fair Game

  1. On Monday, i received a copy of Butcher, Baker and i started reading it on Tuesday morning. I finished the book last night (one day for those with less than adequate math skills) and was amazed and held captive (apologies for the intentional pun) by the book. I thought the writing was solid, the inside facts and views were helpful and the arc of the story, well, gripping.

    I would enthusiastically recommend this book to any true crime reader, and more specifically to any reader interested in serial killers and forensic/behavioral profiling.

    Well done and thank you for the effort to deliver this story!


  2. Your book is excellent! Until I saw the film “Frozen Ground”, which I’d purchased from Amazon several weeks ago, I had never heard of Robert Hansen. (I was relieved to learn of his quite recent death.) I was haunted by this true story, and since I’m an avid reader of true crime books, I knew I had to read about Hansen. I’m so glad I ordered “Butcher, Baker” (also from Amazon); I finished it in one sitting – I was that wrapped up in your excellent writing and this powerful, haunting account.

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