Arrest of Robert Hansen: Clear The Decks

2/16/84: Sergeant FLOTHE and Sergeant HAUGSVEN meet with D.A. FRANK ROTHSCHILD who advises that HANSEN, through his attorneys, has related that he wants to “clear the decks.” ROTHSCHILD indicates that HANSEN tentatively wants to set the interview up for Friday, 2/18/84, after he has had a chance to visit with his priest. D.A. ROTHSCHILD requests that an interview be set up at the district attorney’s office since that (sic) the recording equipment can be hidden from view.

Robert Hansen Police Lineup Photo

Hansen was cracking inside the confines of a cell. On Thursday, February 16, Flothe got a call from Frank Rothschild. “I want you to come down here and meet with us,” he said. “Right now if possible.”

“What’s it about?” Flothe asked, sensing an undercurrent of triumph in Rothschild’s voice.

“Hansen’s attorney just called. Hansen says he wants to ‘clear the decks.’ Those were Dewey’s exact words. ‘He wants to clear the decks.’”

“We’ll be right down,” Flothe answered. All the way downtown, Flothe kept repeating the refrain in his head. “He wants to clear the decks, he wants to clear the decks.” The moment of truth had finally come.

Excerpt From: Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale. “Butcher, Baker.”

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