Arrest of Robert Hansen: Mysterious Aviation Maps

Sometimes it’s the little things. In the search of Hansen’s house, troopers found a plethora of objects. Stolen goods. Mementoes likely taken from his victims. And, of course, lots of weapons. Among those items were some smaller, almost innocuous things: Maps.

“Behind the headboard of the waterbed [Robert Hansen] shared with his wife, they found an aviation map. [An]other had been in the attic with the rest of the mementos. Up until [mid-January], Flothe had been going a mile a minute. He’d spent little time being reflective. The maps represented nothing more than documents Hansen used for hunting. Yet while examining the maps with Pat Doogan, he saw twenty-four X marks. Were these favorite hunting spots — or something else?

“The answer that suddenly dawned on him was almost too grotesque to believe. ‘Oh my God,’ Flothe said, a chill coming over him. ‘What has this man done?’ At that moment he realized that each X marked a body.”

Excerpt From: Walter Gilmour & Leland E. Hale. “Butcher, Baker.”

Sgt. Glenn Flothe’s Annotated Aviation Map (Click for Larger Image – 14MB)
Aviation Maps

1/13/84: Sergeant FLOTHE met with District Attorney, GAIL VOIGTLANDER, at approximately 1:40 pm with regards to obtaining a search warrant to seize all remaining weapons and related ammunition from the ROBERT HANSEN residence. D.A., ROTHSCHILD, in court regarding other matters. GAIL VOIGTLANDER assists in drawing up preliminary documents, after which time Sergeant FLOTHE and Sergeant HAUGSVEN met with D.A., ROTHSCHILD at 4:05 pm before Judge VICTOR CARLSON.

D.A., ROTHSCHILD requested a search warrant for the HANSEN residence to seize the remaining weapons and ammunition. Request was based upon the bodies which were already found that corresponded with marks on HANSEN’s map. D.A. noted that if other bodies should be found at other locations marked on HANSEN’s map the weapons and ammunition would have to be seized with regards to purposes of comparison.

At approximately 7:28 pm Sergeant FLOTHE, Sergeant HAUGSVEN, Sergeant STOGSDILL, Trooper VonCLASEN served the search warrant obtained from Judge VICTOR CARLSON on the ROBERT HANSEN residence. During the time of the search, DARLA HANSEN was at the residence. Of the additional weapons, ammunition, and reloading equipment was seized. The search was concluded at 10:04 pm.

1/16/84: Weapons, ammunition, and reloading equipment seized on 1/13/84 and secured at AST CIB evidence room was documented and photographed.

Source: Sequence of Events Leading to Arrest of Robert C. Hansen, 1/31/84, Sgt. Glenn Flothe (“Ruff Copy”)

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