Kidnapped: Cindy Paulson, Part IX: Blue Pumps

Kidnapped: The Cindy Paulson Story [Installment One]

In this installment, we take up where we left off, with Hansen demanding that Cindy disrobe — at gunpoint. It was, of course, a prelude to what Hansen really wanted.

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Cindy Paulson
Cindy Paulson

FLOTHE: You took your shirt off…

CINDY: Yes, he said to. I did. Shit, with a gun in your face, you would too.

FLOTHE: He had the gun in his hand when he told you to?

CINDY: Oh, yeah.

FLOTHE: Then he took the rest of the clothes off?

CINDY: Uh huh. He told me to leave my panties and bra (inaudible). My pants when they were halfway on, he took them off. My shoes were blue pumps (inaudible).

FLOTHE: Blue pump shoes?

Pumps (shoes) from gravesite
Shoes Found in One of Hansen’s Gravesites (Anchorage Times)

CINDY: Yeah. (inaudible) I left them in the car and they [the police] couldn’t find ‘em.

FLOTHE: So when he had you tied up with this rope… describe the rope that was around…

CINDY: It was a white linen.

FLOTHE: Was it a new or old rope?

CINDY: New, I think.

FLOTHE: A new rope?

CINDY: Um hmm.

FLOTHE: How thick was it?

CINDY: It was about as big as my finger… my index finger.

White Linen Rope
Linen Rope (example)

FLOTHE: Where did he get the rope from? Where did that come from?

CINDY: Downstairs.

FLOTHE: Remember where?

CINDY: Not exactly, no. He just brought it out.

FLOTHE: Did he have to leave your sight when he went and got it?

CINDY: No. The only time he left my sight was when he had me chained.

FLOTHE: Where did he get the chains from? I don’t remember…

CINDY: I was in the bathroom and I heard them rattle. Then I came out…

FLOTHE: Oh, you were in the bathroom.

CINDY: Uh huh.

FLOTHE: Let me get this sequence right, now. You come into the house. You take off your shirt. He takes off the rest of your clothes. And then he ties you up?

CINDY: Yes ‘cause that’s how he wanted to have sex with me.

FLOTHE: Did he, at that point?

CINDY: (soft voice) Yes, he did.

FLOTHE: When does the bear rug come in?

CINDY: He had, um… I believe… The bear rug was there. It wasn’t laying in the middle like that, it was near the couch.

FLOTHE: Were you on the bear rug when he had sexual relations with you?

CINDY: Yes, um hmm.

FLOTHE: And this is the same time you’re tied with your neck to the coffee table?

CINDY: Yes, that’s when he had tied me up. And it was tight. So if I moved too far it would choke me.

FLOTHE: When did you go to the bathroom in relation to all this?

CINDY: After he had sexual activities with me.

FLOTHE: Ok. And then you went to the bathroom?

CINDY: …And he had followed behind me with a rope. I went in the bathroom and I used the restroom. And I heard… And I got, ‘what’s that’, and I started to come out and I heard chains rattling. And he said, ‘go back in,’ and I came out anyway. And that’s where he came to the part where he chained me up to the pillar.

FLOTHE: You got two posts drawn here… Which pillar?

CINDY: Two posts.

FLOTHE: Which pillar?

CINDY: The second one.

FLOTHE: Put the one where he tied you up… Put ‘tied up’ next to it.