Frozen Ground (the movie): More Updates

In the past few months (my, I have been neglectful), I have gleaned new information about the Buenos Aires premiere of “Frozen Ground,” the movie inspired by my true-crime book, “Butcher, Baker.”

In February, I received an email from a friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It concluded with the following message:

As far as “Frozen Ground”, the release date, here in Argentina, was confirmed as March 7, but they haven’t come up with a Spanish name for it yet.

Ok, not exactly propitious, right? No Spanish name for a movie that will premiere in a Spanish language country?

Then March 7 arrived. And with it, more news from Buenos Aires. [Update on the Buenos Aires Premiere.]

As far as “Frozen Ground”, the release date, here in Argentina, is now August 29th but I don’t know why they have changed it. I hope this is not a sign of trouble, an indication that they don’t have enough confidence in it. We’ll see.

Hey, I’m an optimist. But between you and me, I’m not holding my breath. I’m just wishing them the best. And hope that’s good enough.

No matter. You can still buy the original work on Amazon. Yes. “Butcher, Baker” is the real thing. No made up scenes. No gratuitous drama because, really, it isn’t necessary. This is true edge of your seat stuff. And you don’t have to go to Argentina to get it.