Todd Communications Settlement

After some yeoman work by our Anchorage attorney, I am pleased to announce that we’ve reached agreement with Todd Communications. I just received a check for back royalties on copies sold since last year. Hooray! I can now buy some postage stamps.

One mystery remains. The attorney mentioned something about copies of Butcher, Baker, being awarded us (authors) as part of the settlement. So far, no word back from the attorney or my co-author as to the details.

UPDATE: As part of the settlement, we received 350 books, 30 of which went to our attorney. I’m donating my half to the Alaska State Trooper Museum in Anchorage.

UPDATE TWO: In November 2013, we reached a landmark agreement with Todd Communications, which published “Butcher, Baker’ for the fifth time. Wow. Quite a run. Thanks again to Flip Todd for making this happen!

James Eagan Holmes On Drugs

Well, you know, this guy’s pretty much a hated person.

Accused mass murderer James Eagan Holmes.James Eagan Holmes.

It’s easy to see why. 12 dead. 58 injured. Bug eyes. Orange hair. Who in America loves a crazy man with tons of guns?

The Colorado criminal justice system agrees. They’ve lobbed 142 criminal charges against the dude, 24 of them homicide, plus the injured, plus the bombs. Not sure about the homicide math. 12 dead does not equal 24 homicide charges. But ok, whatever. It turns out the dual charges are based on different legal theories.

And yet… My most immediate thoughts on this homicide say… Darkness, Darkness by Jesse Colin Young.

Most Anticipated Movies 2012: The Frozen Ground?

IMDb, the movie database, has a social feature that encourages fans to put together lists of their most anticipated movies. It’s a fun feature, not to be taken too seriously, but a peek into the psyche of the devoted movie-goer nonetheless.

My question is this: where does The Frozen Ground, the movie inspired by Butcher, Baker, show up on these lists?

The answer is “pretty high up.” Here’s a sampling. Of course, this is a very selective sample. What did you expect? There’s more than a few lists where… um… The Frozen Ground is nowhere to be found. You can find those lists on your own!

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Jerry Sandusky: The Missing Years

According to the Freeh Report on the Sandusky case, the 1998 investigation of child sexual abuse against Jerry Sandusky revealed the following:

May 4–6, 1998: Police Report, Initial Investigation and Psychological Evaluation of the Victim

  • The boy’s mother called the University Police Department and reported [a suspicious] incident to Detective Ron Schreffler around 11:00 a.m.
  • Counselor John Seasock, who had a contract to provide counseling services to CYS, conducted an evaluation of the alleged victim.
  • On May 9, 1998, Schreffler discussed the outcome of Seasock’s evaluation with Seasock. While Seasock said he identified some “gray areas,” he did not find evidence of abuse and had never heard of a 52‐year‐old man “becoming a pedophile.”

Seasock was correct. But he missed something. Something huge. His jaw should have dropped. Because, in all likelihood, Jerry Sandusky had been a pedophile for much, much longer.

“Early onset: Pedophilia is a disorder that starts early in life. Child molesters with the disorder begin to molest much younger children at an early age. More than 40 percent molest before they reach 15, and the majority molest before age 20.”

Able and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study (2002)

Jerry Sandusky’s Missing Years

Jerry Sandusky: the missing years

Source: Freeh Report (2012)